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Defending the hadeeth of Messenger of ALLAH (ﷺ)

Abu Sa’eed al-Hassan ibn Ahmed ibn Yazeed al-Astakhri rahimahullah (died 328 hijri) was approached by a man and was asked:

Is it allowed to clean oneself (after excretion) with a bone?

He replied: No

The man asked: Why?

He replied:

Because the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said: These(animal bones) are the provision for your brothers (i.e. the Jinns).

The man said:

Are humans higher in stature or Jinns?

He replied: Humans.

The man said:

Why is it allowed to cleanse with water while it is the provision for the humans.

The narrator of this incident (Abul Hassan al-Tabsi) said:

Abu Sa’eed al-Astakhri attacked the man and grabbed his neck and strangled him saying: Zindeeq (heretic)! You try to refute the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alyhi wa sallam?

And had I not released the man, he (Abu Sa’eed) would have killed him.

(Dhammul Kalaam wa Ahlihi 1258 with the research of Abullah ibn Muhammad ibn Uthman al-Ansaari. and its chain is Hassan)

Author: Hafiz Zubair Alizai Rahimahullah

Translated by: taalibeilm via (sheikhzubairalizai dot wordpress dot com)

Reference: Sheikh Zubair’s book: Tahqeeqi Maqalaat (Vol. 2 page. 567-568)

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