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Hafiz Zubair Alizai Rahimahullah

His Name & Lineage

He was Shaikh Al-Allaamah Al-Hafiz Zubair Alizai (rahimahullah). He belonged to the Pathaan race, and belonged to the tribe called “Alizai” of pathaans. His name with his lineage is as follows:

Muhammad Zubair bin Mujaddad Khaan bin Dost Muhammad bin Jahaangeer Khan bin Ameer Khaan bin Shahbaaz Khan bin Karam Khaan bin Gul Muhammad Khan bin Peer Muhammad Khaan bin Azaad Khaan bin Allaahdaad Khaan bin Umar Khaan bin Khawaajah Muhammad Khaan bin Johaa bin Akhgar bin Hangash bin Peerdaad Khaan” Tribe, Agfhaan Alizai.

His Birth & Death

The Muhaqqiq & Muhaddis, Shaikh Zubair Alizai was born on 25th June, 1957 at Peerdaad near Hazro: District Attock, Pakistan. From his predecessors, Peerdaad Khaan had colonized this village after coming from Ghazni (Afghanistan).

He was affected by paralysis attack on September 19th, 2013. After being admitted in the Shifaa International Hospital Islamabad for about two months, he died at 07:30 AM, on Sunday 10th November, 2013 in the Benazir Bhutto Hospital Rawalpindi.

Inaalillah-e-wa innaa-elihe-rajioon. (اِنَّا لِلّٰہِ وَاِنَّآ اِلَیْہِ رَاجِعُوْنَ)

His Education

Hafiz Zubair Alizai studied until F.A, and then after that he completed his B.A from a private institution; and in 1983, he passed the exam of M.A in Islaamic Studies.

In 1994, he also completed his M.A in Arabic from Punjab University, Lahore.

He loved reading books from his childhood. In 1972, he read the first volume of Saheeh Bukhaari, after which in a period between 1972-1974, he became Aamil bil Hadeeth, meaning Ahl-e-Hadeeth. From that time on, his purpose of life changed to learning and preaching of hadeeth.

His Teachers

In order to learn the hadeeth of the Prophet (peace be upon him), he studied from many famous Shuyookh ul-Hadeeth of this era, the names of whom are as follows:

  • Shaikh Abul Fadhal Faydh ur-Rehmaan Thawree (D. 1996).
  • Shaikh Abu Muhammad Badee ud-Deen Shaah Raashidi as-Sindhee (D. 1996).
  • Shaikh Abul Qaasim Muhibullah Shaah Raashidi as-Sindhee (1995).
  • Shaikh Ataullah Haneef Bhojiani (1987).
  • Shaikh Abdul Mannaan bin Abdul Haqq Noorpoori (hafidhahullah)
  • Shaikh Haafidh Abdus Salaam bin Muhammad Bhutwi (hafidhahullah)
  • Shaikh Haafidh Abdul Humayd Azhar (hafidhahullah)
  • Shaikh Abu ar-Rijaal Allaah Ditta Sohdarwi (He benefitted from him a lot)
  • Shaikh Abdul Ghaffaar Hassan
  • Shaikh Muhammad Ayyoob Shainkwi
  • Shaikh Abu Aisha Saabir bin Ashraf Naghaarchawi

His Students

Here are a few students of zubair ali zai rahimahullah:

  • Hafiz Nadeem Zaheer
  • Naseer Ahmad Kashif
  • Tanweer Ahmad Hazarwi
  • Ghulam Mustafa Zaheer

More Information

Furthermore, in 1990 he did the dorah of hadeeth from Jaamia Muhammadia, G.T Road Gujranwala and with the grace of Allah, he passed it with the first position in the whole Jaamiah. He has also passed the exam of Wafaaq ul-Madaaris as-Salafiyyah, Faisalabaad.

He is completely skilled in Speaking, Writing, and Reading the Pashto, Hindko, English, Greek, and Arabic Languages; whereas he can only read and understand the Faarsi Language.

He got married in 1982, from whom Allah (swt) gave him three sons and four daughters. Two of the sons, Abdullah and Muaz, are the Haafidh of Quraan.

He has been preaching with honesty and courage, and spreading the da’wah of Ahl al-Hadeeth. In 1983, in his region, there was no Mosque for Ahl al-Hadeeth, and today there are about 11 mosques where the voices of “Qala Allah” and “Qala Rasoolullah” are being raised. No one is being able to compete with him in his tough opposition to Taqleed, and his love for tahqeeq, and the fanatic Hanafi Deobandi and Brailwi People are becoming Ahl ul-Hadeeth very quickly.

Debate with a group of Christians

To reveal the truth and to expose the baatil, he has also been debating with people. In 1997, he had a debate with a group of Christians in the religious School of Christians named, ZBI. In this debate, Shaikh Abdul Humayd Azhar, Shaikh Taalib ur-Rahmaan Shaah, and Shaikh Muhammad Rafeeq Salfi were also present.

During the debate, the christian speaker presented to him, a version of Greek Bible saying that this is the real text, and he challenged him to find a mistake in it. Since Shaikh Zubair Alizai was skilled with the Greek Language, which the Christian group didn’t know about, he immediately took the Bible and showed them the contradictions of Bible in the Geneology of Jesus (peace be upon him), and as a result of which, the Christians ran away from that place, and one Christian embraced Islaam, wal-hamdulillah!

Other Debates

  • He had a debate with the Mirzaais in the city of Attock, in which a Mirzaai named Imtiyaaz, declared Shahaadah and became Muslim during the debate. And the remaining Mirzaais ran away from that place, saying that we are going to bring more people to assist us, but they never came back.
  • In a place named Kohaat Jungle Khayl, Shaikh Taalib ur Rehmaan (hafidhahullah) had a debate with a deobandi munazir, Master Ameen Okarvi, in which Shaikh Zubair was assisting Shaikh Taalib. Immediately after the debate, a deobandi named Rooh Rawan Sultaan became Ahl al-Hadeeth
  • He also had a debate with a Mamati Deobandi of Hazro, on the issue of Taqleed in Hari Poor Hazarah, in which the Deobandi speaker, Qaari Chann Muhammad was badly defeated and exposed. The tapes of this debate are also available.
  • He had a debate with a famous Takfeeri of Karachi named, Doctor Mas’ood ud-Deen Uthmaani, in his Mosque. During the debate, this doctor ran away and a big part of his group repented from their baatil aqaaid.
  • He has even debated with the founder of the sect Mas’oodia meaning Jama’at ul-Muslimeen named, Mas’ood Ahmed BSC, in Islamabad at the house of Mas’ood’s son, Sulemaan. In this debate, Mas’ood, the founder of this new sect, became speechless. And the Jama’at ul-Muslimeen of Hazro, broke their bayt with Mas’ood and became Ahl al-Hadeth.

From the overall report of his debates with the people of different views, it has been proven that he is a successful Munaazir, and he attacks his enemies with the loaded arrows of Quraan and Hadeeth, as a result of which, there remains no choice for the opposers but to run away, and this is the true destiny of baatil. (Innal Baatila kana zahooka)

His Achievements

Since he is a servant of the Maslak of Muhadditheen that’s why he also keeps relations with the people of Maslak Ahl al-Hadeeth. He does not belong to any specific group, or Political party. On the contrary, he has been chosen the Ameer of six different Organizations of Ahl al-Hadeeth in their Ijtimaa’:

  • Markazi Jamee’at Ahl al-Hadeeth,
  • Ghuraba Ahl al-Hadeeth,
  • Jama’at Ahl al-Hadeeth Hazro,
  • Ahl al-Hadeeth Supreme Council
  • Markaz ud-Da’wat,
  • Hizb ullah.

Besides an excellent memory, Allah (swt) has also gifted him with alofted fervency of tahqeeq. This fervency demands a huge Library. That’s why, the Shaikh has also established a great and huge Library, by spending much of his money, and his library is called “Maktabat uz-Zubairia. A huge amount of books are found in this library from several different genres, such as books on: Quraan, Uloom ul-Quraan, Hadeeth, Uloom ul-Hadeeth, Matoon ul-Hadeeth, Shuruhaat ul-Hadeeth, Asmaa ur-Rijaal, and Fiqh ul-Madhaahib, Kutub al-Faraq, Lughat and many others. And especially all the masadir wa marajih of ahadeeth are present. The Shaikh spends most of his time in this Library, getting him busy in his Academic and research works.

However, he is also in touch with those in Dar us-Salaam Riyaadh/Lahore for the past five years, that’s why he also stayed in Lahore and Riyaadh for some time on the demand of the people in Maktabah, and during this time, he also got the opportunity to perform Hajj and Umrah. During his stay in Sa’udia, he also got to meet several different Shuyookh such as: Shaikh Safi ur-Rehmaan Mubaarakpoori, Shaikh Azeez Shams, and Abul Ashbaal Shaaghif Bahari, etc.

The Shaikh is a very simple and straightforward person. Modishness, illusoriness, deceptiveness, arrogance of knowledge, and pride for righteousness is not found in him even upon finding. Just like the blessing of his vast studies and excellent mind, Allah has also gifted him a vast heart. He deals very kind-heartedly when leading others in Knowledge. He puts all the references and tahqeeqaat in front of the one who asks him, in fact, he even hands over the photo-copies of his unpublished works very open-heartedly.

Takhreej, Ta’leeq, and Asmaa ur-Rijaal of the ahadeeth of Prophet (peace be upon him) is his forte. Until now, he has authored a huge amount of books and tahqeeqi maqalaat in Urdu, and Arabic. The following are some of the names of the books, he authored or did tahqeeq of:

Urdu Books

Here is a tiny list of sheikh zubair ali zai urdu books:

  • Noor ul-Aynain fi Ithbaat Raf ‘ul-Yadain (Published) – A book by reading which many Hanafis became Ahl al-Hadeeth. This book deals with the issue of Raf ul-Yadain in and after ruku.
  • Al-Qaul as-Saheeh fee maa tawatur fee Nuzool il-Maseeh (Published).
  • Takhreej Namaaz Nabawi (Published).
  • Tasheel al-Wusool fi Takhreej Ahadeeth Saalaat ar-Rasool (Published).
  • Noor ul-Qamrain (Published): This is an answer to one Chapter of the Deobandi book called Hadeeth aur Ahl al-Hadeeth.
  • Al-Kawakib al-Dariya fee Wujoob il-Faatihah Khalf al-Imaam fil Jahriyah(Published) – This books deals with the issue of reciting Faatihah behind the Imaam.
  • Jannat ka Raasta (Published)
  • Hadiyat ul-Muslimeen (Published) – A collection of Forty ahadeeth
  • Ta’daad Raka’aat Qiyaam Ramdhaan ka Tahqeeqi Jaiza (Published) – This book deals with the issue of the number of Rak’aahs in the Qiyaam of Ramadaan.
  • Noor ul-Masabeeh (Published) – It also deals with the issue of Taraweeh.
  • Takhreej Riyaadh us-Saaliheen (Published) – In this book he has done the takhreej of the ahadeeth of Riyaadh us-Saaliheen of Imaam Nawawi.
  • Takhreej Fatawa Islaamiyaa (2, 3, 4 Vol)
  • Takhreej Ahadeeth: Ar-Rusool kanak taraah (Published).
  • Al-Bawarik al-Mursalah Ala Dhulumaat it-Tabsarah.
  • Master Ameen Okarvi ka Ta’aqqub (Published) – In this book he has refuted the accusations of the huge Deobandi Aalim Ameen Okarvi, which he put on Shaikh Zubair Ali Zai. After writing this book, the Shaikh even sent this book to Ameen Okarvi during his life, but he could not answer him back.
  • Akadheeb Aale Deoband (Published)
  • Al-Qaul al-Muteen fil Jaher bit-ameen (Published) – This is a detailed book proving that the Ameen should be said loudly behing the Imaam after Surah Faatihah, and he besides providing the proofs of Ahl al-Hadeeth, he has also refuted the proofs of the opposers.
  • Nasar al-Ma’bood fi ar-Radd Ala Sultaan Mahmood (Published) – Sultaan Mahmood is a Brailwi of the city of Hazro. In this book, the Shaikh has refuted the wrong Masaail of Fiqh Hanafi and has proven that they are against Quraan, Hadeeth and Khulafa Raashideen.
  • Al-Sunan wal Mubtad’aat: Translation of the Arabic book of Umar bin Abdullah bin Abdul Man’am.
  • Talkhees al-Ahadeeth al-Mutawatirah ma’ Sharh
  • Asr-e-Haadhir ke chand kadhaabeen ka tadhkirah – (which means) – The mention of some Liars of this Era.
  • Al-Ta’sees fi Mas’la al-Tadlees (Published) – A detailed work explaining the definition, ruling and types of Tadlees, and the mention of some famous mudalliseen.
  • Tarjumah al-Anwaar fi Shumaail al-Nabi al-Mukhtaar by Baghwi – Translation of the book of Imaam Baghawi on the Shumaail of our Prophet (Peace be upon him).
  • Tarjumah (Translation of) Juzz Rafa Sha’ar Ashaab ul-Hadeeth by Imaam Haakim
  • Tozeeh ul-Ahkaam (Published) – This is a great work containing the precious Fatawaas of Shaikh Zubair Ali Zai on different aspects of life and Islaam.
  • Translation and Ta’leeq of Juzz al-Qira’at by Imaam Bukhaari (Published)
  • Translation and Ta’leeq of Juzz Raf ul-Yadain by Imaam Bukhaari (Published)
  • Translation, Tahqeeq, Takhreej, and Fawaaid of Muwatta Imaam Maalik(Published) – An Excellent work of Shaikh on the Muwatta of Imaam Maalik.
  • Translation, Tahqeeq, and Fawaaid of Shumaail at-Tirmidhi (Published).
  • Chay Ikhtilaafi Masaail (Six Controversial Issues)
  • Ithbaat at-Ta’deel
  • Translation, Tahqeeq and Hawashi of “Haaji ke Shab-o-Roz (The day and night of a Pilgrim)” by Khaalid bin Abdullah al-Naasir (Published)
  • Azwaa ul-Masaabih fi Tahqeeq Mishkaat al-Masaabih (Published) – It contains the tarjumah, tahqeeq, Takhreej, and Fawaaid of Mishkat al-Masabih by the Shaikh.
  • Translation and Tahqeeq of Sharh Hadeeth Jibreel by Shaikh Abd al-Muhsin al-Abbad (Published) – This whole book is written in the explanation of a single hadeeth, which is narrated in Sahih Muslim, in which the Angel Jibreel comes in the form of a man to the Prophet and asks him some questions about Islaam to teach the Muslims.
  • Deen Main Taqleed ka Masla (Published) – This is a detailed book in refutation of Taqleed.
  • Tofeeq ul-Baari fi Tatbee’ ul-Quraan wa Saheeh ul-Bukhaari (Published)
  • Anwaar ut-Tareeq fi radd Dhulumaat Faisal al-Haleeq (Published) – A clean-shaved Brailwi Aalim named Faisal, tried to answer some arguments of the Shaikh in Noor ul-Aynain. And Shaikh wrote a counter-response to his objections, after which no reply came from him.
  • Fadhaail al-Durood (Published)
  • His risalah on the issue, Is the prayer valid behind the one who is a Ghaali Bid’ati?(Published)
  • Saif ul-Jabbaar fi Jawaab Zahoor wa Nisaar (Published) – Two Persons named Zahoor and Nisaar tried to answer a few arguments of Shaikh in his Risalah “Is the prayer valid behind a Ghaali Bid’ati”, and the Shaikh wrote them back in response through Letter, and this silsilah of exchanging letters in answering each other continued for some time, which later was complied and converted into a book.
  • Aale Deoband se 210 sawalaat (210 questions to Deobandis) (Published)
  • Quraan is Allah’s Kalaam and not a Creation – (Published)
  • Besides all these works, Shaikh is also the director of Monthly Magazene “Al-Hadeeth”, in which people get to read and learn some excellent tahqeeqaat and Fatawaa of Shaikh every Month.
  • And there are many other works of Shaikh, which I won’t mention due to the length’s sake.

Arabic Books

Here is a tiny list of sheikh zubair ali zai arabic books:

  • Tahqeeq and Takhreej of Musnad al-Humaydi – The Shaikh has done the Tahqeeq and Takhreej of Musnad Humaydi by taking the help of two Qalmi ancient Nuskhas from seventh century. He has also pointed towards four hundred mistakes of the Nuskha of Habeeb ur-Rehmaan al-A’dhami Deobandi in his tahqeeq. And he has also done the Takhreej and the Fawaaid of the narrations of Imaam Humaydi from other books of ahadeeth.
  • Nayl al-Maqsood fi Ta’leeq ala Sunan Abi Dawood wa Takhreej ul-Ahadeeth – It is an explanation of Sunan Abu Dawood. It includes the tasheeh and tahqeeq of the matan, tahqeeq and takhreej of ahadeeth, the ruling on each hadeeth with regard to its authenticity and weakness, Sharh, Fiqhi Fawaaid, refutation of the misguided sects, and the takhreej of the narrations of abu dawood from the tareeq of Abu Dawood
  • Tasheel ul-Mujtaba by Imaam Nasaa’ee, Al-Sughra.
  • Takhreej Sunan Tirmidhi – with the takhreej of the narrations in baab also, the takhreej of Shumaail at-Timidhi, and the takhreej of Kitaab al-Illal.
  • Takhreej an-Nihaya fil Fitan wal Malahim
  • Takhreej Seerat Ibn Hishaam
  • Tuhfat ul-Ulama fi Takhreej Kitaab ad-Du’afa lil Bukhaari – This is an excellent takhreej of the book of Imaam Bukhaari which includes the mention of weak narrators of hadeeth. The Shaikh has done its takhreej and tahqeeq from the best qalmi nuskha of the book, and he has put the hukum on each narrator with regards to Jarh and Ta’deel, He has also done the takhreej of the sayings of Imaam Bukhaari in this book. There are many narrators in the Qalmsi Nuskha which were not mentioned in the Published Nuskha.
  • Takhreej Ahadeeth Minhaaj ul-Muslim
  • Al-Siraaj ul-Muneer fi Takhreej ul-Ahadeeth wal Athaar Tafseer Ibn Katheer – In this book, the Shaikh has done the takhreej of the ahadeeth of the huge work of Imaam Ibn Katheer famous as, Tafseer Ibn Katheer
  • Al-Asaaneed us-Saheehah fee Akhbaar al-Imaam Abi Haneefah – In this book, the Shaikh has gathered all the sayings of Aimmah and Muhadditheen, that have ever been narrated, regarding the praise and criticizm of Imaam Abu Haneefah. This book was liked by Shaikh ul-Arab wal Ajam, Maulaana Abu Muhammad Badee ud-Deen Shaah Raashidhee as-Sindhee (rahimahullah) [The Teacher of Shaikh Zubair]
  • Tahqeeq wa Takhreej Ahadeeth: Ithbaat Adhaab al-Qabar lil Bayhaqi – The Muqaddimah to this book was written by the great Shaikh Maulaana Abul Qaasim Muhibbullah Shaah Raashidhee Sindhee (rahimahullah) [The Teacher of Shaikh Zubair].
  • Talkhees Kaamil Ibn Adee
  • Kalaam ad-Daraqutni fi Asmaa ur-Rijaal fi Sunanihi.
  • Tahqeeq wa Takhreej Juzz Ali bin Muhammad al-Humaydi
  • Takhreej wa Tahqeeq Muwatta Imaam Maalik
  • Takhreej wa Tahqeeq Buloogh ul-Maraam
  • Takhreej wa Tahqeeq Mishkat al-Masabih
  • Sihaah Sittah Kaamil fi Mujlad Tasheeh Nuskhah Sunan Abu Dawood wa Sunan Ibn Majah
  • Fee Dhilaal as-Sunnah Silsilah fi Siyaahat il-Ummah Islaamabaad
  • Anwaar us-Saheefah fil ahadeeth id-Da’eefah min al-Sunan il-Arba’ah ma’a al-Adillah – In this huge work, the Shaikh has gathered all the Weak ahadeeth of Sunan Arba’ah (Sunan Abu Dawood, Sunan Ibn Majah, Sunan Nasaa’ee, Sunan Tirmidhi) and has also explained the reason for the weakness of each hadeeth.
  • Anwaar us-Sunan – This is a refutation to the book of Naymawi Hanafi called “Athaar us-Sunan”.
  • Kitaab ath-Thiqaat wad-Du’afaa wal Matrokeen min al-Ma’asireen wa Ghairuha – In this book, the Shaikh has graded the narrators (People) of this century as per Jarh and Ta’deel of other trustworthy Scholars, just as the Muhadditheen used to do in old times by grading each narrator as Da’eef, Matrook, Thiqah, etc…

رفع یدین کے مسلسل عمل کا ثبوت

شیخ زبیر علی زئی رحمہ اللہ نے ایک یونانی کو کرسی دے ماری تھی جو خدا کو گالیاں دیتا تھا

شیخ زبیر علی زئی رحمہ اللہ نے سیر اعلام النبلاء لفظ بلفظ دو (2) دفعہ مکمل پڑھی تھی

قبلہ اولیٰ کا مسئلہ منکرینِ حدیث پر سخت رَد ہے!

کیا مہندی لگانا سنت ہے؟

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