The Three (3) Conditions Regarding the books Attributed to Sheikh Zubair Alizai Rahimahullah


Nowadays, there are several books available in the Urdu Market on the Tehqeeq of Tafseer of Ibn Katheer. Some of them have your name written as the Muhaqqiq (the researcher who does the authentication of hadiths). For e.g.

  • Tafseer Ibn Katheer issued from Maktabah Islamiyyah (Faisalabad/Lahore)
  • Tafseer Ibn Katheer issued from Maktabah Quddoosiyah (Lahore)
  • Tafseer Ibn Katheer issued from Fiqhul Hadith Publications (respected Imran Ayyub Lahoree)

Apart from this, there are other books also:

  • Hakeem Muhammad Sialkoti’s book ‘Salaat ar-Rasool’ sallallahu alayhi wa sallam (Tahseel al-Wusool)
  • Dr.Shafeequr Rahmaan’s book ‘Namaaz-e-Nabawi’
  • As-Sheikh Amr bin Abdil Mun’im ‘s book ‘Ibaadaat mein Bid’aat aur Sunnat-e-Nabawi se unka Radd’
  • ‘Nabi Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ke Layl-o-Nahaar’ (which is a translation and tehqeeq of al-Anwaar by al-Baghawee)

Do these books have your research? Additionally, is this research reliable according to you?

If not, then please detail the matter because some people spread false and invalid propagandas against your research. Jazakumullahu Khairan.

(asked by Sheikh Abu Zafeer Muhammad Nadeem Zaheer Hafizahullah)

Answer (by Sheikh Zubair Alizai Rahimahullah):

The undersigned has announced this time and again:

“Only those books of mine are reliable, which are published from Maktabah Al-Hadith Hazro or Maktabah Islamiyyah Faisalabad/Lahore or it has my signature at the end of that book.”

For example see the Introduction of al-Qawl al-Mateen fi al-Jarh bi at-Taameen (p.12, second edition p.19, scripted 22nd December 2003 c.e), Monthly al-Hadith Hazro (Issue No.27 p.60, scripted 15th June 2006 c.e, Issue No. 68 p.10, scripted 8th November 2009 c.e)

I had also issued the following announcement in written:

“After this clear announcement, some people bringing quotes/references against the undersigned from the Takhreej of books like Namaz-e-Nabawi & Salaat ar-Rasool don’t make any sense.” (Al-Hadith: 68 p.11)

As an explanation and clarification, I would like to say that an author has the right to review every edition of his book. And if he deems it feasible, he can correct a few sections of his book. This is called ‘Haqq at-Ta’deel’. And for all of my books and my writings, only I have the sole option of ‘Haqq at-Ta’deel’. Thus, it is not permissible for anyone to issue any of my book & writing without my permission, reviewing and correction.

In all of my writings and books, only those will be considered reliable which has its last-most edition published either from Maktabah Al-Hadith Hazro or respected Muhammad Sarwar Asim(hafizahullah)’s Maktabah Islamiyyah (Faisalabad/Lahore) or it has my signature in it.

The summary of an excerpt of Qaadhi Iyaad Maalikee’s is that Imam Maalik continued to review his book al-Muwatta. (see Tarteeb al-Madaarik 2/73, & Muqaddimah al-Muwatta narrated by Abi Mas’ab az-Zuhree 1/35 and he was opposed by two researchers and the difference of the text of al-Muwatta is proof upon the variance in the narrations of al-Muwatta)

The Muhaddith of the faction, ‘Hanafiyyah’, Shah Abdul Azeez Dehlawee bin Shah Waliullah ad-Dehlawee wrote:

“And until Imam Maalik rahimahullah stayed alive, he continued to draft the Muwatta. That is the reason why it has undergone a lot of change and every manuscript has a different ordering.” (Bastaan al-Muhaddiseen p.26)

Syed Mushtaque Ali Shah Deobandee copied from Sarfaraz Kahan Safdar Deobandee:

“During his lifetime, an author has the right that he can make any change or addition or reduction as he wishes. And his last statement would be considered as reliable.” (Mahnaamah as-Sharee’ah Gujraanwala Vol.21 Issue No.1, page 21, January 2010 c.e)

The son of Sarfaraz Khan Safdar, Abdul Quddoos Qaarun Deobandee wrote:

“It is known to the people of knowledge that in order to discuss or criticize a book, one must keep the latest edition of the book in front. This is because the author makes correction after being informed about the errors and the gaps in the previous edition. And he considers the latest edition as reliable to him. On the other hand, if an author has written something which makes it incumbent upon him to apologize, then it is not sufficient to just remove the portion from the book. He must also announce his apology openly. ” (Majzoobaaanah Waawaylah p.187-188)

Also see two (2) books of Sarfaraz Khan Safdar: Ibaaraat-e-Akaabir part 1 (p.103-104) & Umdahtul Athaath Fee Hukm al-Tallaqaat al-Thalaath (p. 114)

Now follows the answer regarding the books mentioned in the question:

  • Indeed the book Tafseer Ibn Katheer published from Maktabah Islamiyyah (Faisalabad/Lahore) (with my tehqeeq) is actually my research and I am responsible for it. Similarly, all the books published from Maktabah Islamiyyah with my name is indeed my book and I am responsible for it.
  • I have no relation with the Tafseer Ibn Katheer published by Maktabah Quddoosiyyah.
  • I have no relation with the Tafseer Ibn Katheer published by Fiqhul Hadith.
  • The book Tasheel al-Wusool Takhreej Salaat ar-Rasool wasn’t re-verified by me, nor was my signature taken on any of the editions. Hence I am not responsible for it.
  • I am not responsible for the book Namaz-e-Nabawi by Dr.Shafeequr Rahmaan.
  • The book ‘Nabi Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ke Layl-o-Nahaar’. I am not responsible if there is no signature of mine on the last page each of the editions. Same is the situation of the book ‘Ibaadaat mein Bid’aat aur Sunnat-e-Nabawi se unka Radd’.

I say this again to all the people for e.g. people of Bareli and Deoband. I am only responsible for three (3) types of books:

  • Those which have been published from Maktabah al-Hadith Hazro
  • Those which have my signature at the end in every edition that has been published.
  • Those published from respected Muhammad Sarwar Asim (hafizahulllah)’s Maktabah Islamiyyah (Faisalabad/Lahore).


Apart from these three (3) conditions, I am not responsible for any book or writing attributed to me. Hence as a response to refutations and my opposition, any attempt against these three conditions will be considered futile.

And upon us is only to deliver.

Author: Hafiz Zubair Alizai Rahimahullah

Translated by: taalibeilm via (sheikhzubairalizai dot wordpress dot com)

Reference: Al-Hadith Hazro Issue No. 94 pages 6-9

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